Our Outreach Committee organises 2-hour workshops for schools interested in the European Youth Parliament. Here, students get an introduction to what they will experience at our events. They will receive an explanation about our programme and working procedure. We will also discuss the possibilities for them to remain active within the European Youth Parliament. The level of detail of these workshops is tailored to the extent to which a school is already familiar with the EYP.

We also offer ‘Understanding Europe’ workshops. These workshops introduce young people to the functioning of the EU and her institutions. Click here to learn more about Understanding Europe.

In the form on this page you can sign up for a workshop. They are free of charge, and recommended for schools who are unfamiliar with the EYP, or for schools where the students want to learn more about our organisation.

In case of any more questions, you can contact our secretary Mariëtte Peutz at [email protected]