WhatsApp group policy

  1. All EYP policies apply
    In this group, policies of the EYP apply. Policies can be found here: https://www.members.eyp.org/wiki_pages/governance-structure-and-policies
  2. English
    All content should be in English.
  3. Political Neutrality
    EYP NL is a political neutral organisation. It provides young people a platform to speak their mind freely, without fear of being judged. Because Whatsapp is an unsuitable platform for conducting proper political discourse, we ask you to keep in mind if your post may be politically coloured when posting. Are you unsure? Contact the HR Coordinator ().
  4. No hate speech or bullying
    If you encounter bullying or hate speech, please report this to the admin and/or the National Safe Person of EYP NL ().
  5. Be kind and courteous
    EYPNL wants to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Let’s treat everyone with respect.
  6. Relevance to EYPNL
    All content should be relevant for Alumni of EYP the Netherlands.
  7. Promotions are allowed, but no spam
    If you want to promote your Session, feel free to do so. One post per Session.
  8. No smoking or drinking
    EYP NL is an organisation open to young adults, including those under 18. Therefore, we ask you to not post anything related to alcohol or tabacco.