Types of events

Regional Selection Conference

The first conference you attend when you participate in the European Youth Parliament will be a Regional Selection Conference. The conference lasts two days and introduces you to our organisation. Click here to learn more about our Regional Selection Conferences and it’s programme elements.

National Conference

After attending a Regional Selection Conference, you can be selected to attend the National Conference. In this 4 day conference, you dive even deeper into the EU. The academic level of the conference is set higher , and there are more activities organised next to debating. Click here to read more about our National Conference.

International Conferences

There are multiple International Conferences organised throughout the year, and they could be anywhere in the 40 EYP countries. These conferences often last around 9 days, and gather 200-350 young people from many different nationalities. You can visit an international conference by getting selected during a National Conference, and sometimes you can register to participate. Click here to learn more about International Conferences.

Alumni Events

We organise multiple Alumni Events throughout the year. Some of these events give you the chance to follow trainings, so you gain new knowledge and skills. Other events are there for you to reunite with your EYP friends and to have fun. Click here to read more about our Alumni Events.