Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI)

Sink or swim – Highlighting the correlation between air pollution and extreme weather phenomena, the severe floodings experienced in Western Europe in 2021 are a natural consequence of the 2.54 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide the EU emits annually. What steps should the EU take to prepare for more frequent flooding?

Submitted by Roemer Declercq (Mencia de Mendoza college), Ernst van Iterson (Het Heerlanden), Elaine van Maanen (Marnix college), Helen Mulder (Vechtstede college), Amber Schreurs (Vechtstede college), Sara Swaanen (Het Heerlanden), Tigo Costa Visser (Vechtstede college),  Alina Akural (Chairperson, FI), Storm Kamerbeek (Chairperson, NL)

The European Youth Parliament,

  1. Concerned by the impact of floods on people’s wellbeing,
  2. Gravely concerned by the influence of floods on biodiversity,
  3. Alarmed by the negative effects of flooding on water infrastructure, community water systems, and individual water supplies,
  4. Regretting the lack of cooperation between Member States on flood prevention measures,
  5. Acknowledging the lack of awareness of the role climate change plays in intensifying floods,
  6. Deeply disturbed by the 220 fatalities of the floods experienced in Western Europe in July 2021;
  1. Calls upon the European Investment Bank (EIB) to fund the construction of public regional flood shelters;
  2. Instructs the Directorate General on European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) to introduce a first aid curriculum with flood-related training;
  3. Invites Member States to erect temporary flood barriers;
  4. Asks Member States to increasing runoff areas for water; 
  5. Urges Member States to use less concrete in new buildings;
  6. Endorses Member States to support more initiatives like the Delta-project;
  7. Requests Member States to collaborate with Directorate Generals on Environment and Climate Action (DG ENV and DG CLIMA) to create a uniform flood prevention system consisting of river plans and reservoirs;
  8. Suggests Member States discuss problems regarding climate change and floods by highlighting the importance of extreme weather phenomena, like flooding, at climate conferences;
  9. Encourages International River Basin Committees to raise awareness about European flooding.