A Prideful European Union: how should LGBTQIA+ rights be protected in Europe, whilst acknowledging and addressing public hostility and reservations of individual Member States?

Submitted by: Jet van Beekhoff, Alexander Bos, Charlotte Mauritz, Roosmarie Toornstra, Erdiz Tuna Ayata, Irena Schwartz, Sky Williams, Lars van der Ent (Chairperson, NL).

The European Youth Parliament,

  1. Alarmed about the rise in anti-LGBTQIA+ violence across the European Union,
  2. Deploring the fact that political groups increasingly fuel anti-LGBTQIA+ violence by using sexual and gender minorities as a scapegoat for domestic problems,
  3. Aware of homophobic and transphobic social media campaigns in Member States which spread misinformation and promote traditional values on behalf of foreign organisations,
  4. Noting with deep concern that little to no progress has been made regarding the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ people,
  5. Concerned with the increase in discrimination in the European Union against LGBTQIA+ people in general, and transgender people in particular,
  6. Alarmed that only 10% of LGBTQIA+ people who experience hate-motivated harassment report the incidents to the authorities,
  7. Noting that Member States have disparate views on LGBTQIA+ rights and that laws and policies protecting sexual and gender minorities vary greatly per Member State,
  8. Conscious that no framework exists at EU-level which includes sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as a bias motivation for hate crimes,
  9. Welcoming the first-ever LGBTIQ Strategy (2020-2025) presented by the European Commission;
  1. Invites national public prosecutors offices to take legal action against politicians who promote queerphobic rhetoric;
  2. Calls upon the European Commission to condemn queerphobic statements made by political organisations;
  3. Asks social media platforms to filter comments spreading queerphobia more strictly; 
  4. Demands European Commission to debunk misinformation spread about LGBTQIA+ identities and people, as seen with COVID-19;
  5. Requests social media platforms to ban queerphobic accounts and enforce their rules about the elimination of reported comments more strictly;
  6. Urges the European Commission to increase the funding of pro-LGBTQIA+ organisations such as ILGA-Europe;
  7. Recommends Member States to create special departments within law enforcement authorities which specifically address the discrimination and harassment against LGBTQIA+ individuals;
  8. Suggests Member States to oblige law enforcement officers to do an inclusivity training;
  9. Encourages Member States to make education about LGBTQIA+ identities and issues mandatory in school;
  10. Proposes the European Commission to spread an educational campaign on LGBTQIA+ identities and issues, specifically hate crimes, reaching local authorities and all levels of society, paying special attention to elderly people and their social clubs; 
  11. Urges EU institutions and local parliaments to address the issues of LGBTQIA+ people more frequently;
  12. Welcomes Member States to adopt legislation protecting LGBTQIA+ people against discrimination and harassment;
  13. Urgently reminds the European Commission to execute LGBTIQ Strategy (2020-2025).