Amsterdam 2020

This webpage contains all organisational information, academic content and media output of Amsterdam 2020, a Regional Selection Conference of EYP The Netherlands. The event is head-organised by Sophie Gatsonides and Dana Kijl and will take place November 20 to 22.

Session Information



08:30     09:00     Delegates check-in, schools A/B/C
09:00     09:30     Delegates check-in, schools D/E/F
10:00     10:30     Opening of the session
10:30     11:00     Break
11:00     11:30     Teambuilding/CW
11:30     12:00     Teambuilding/CW
12:00     12:30     Lunch
12:30     13:00     Lunch
13:00     13:30     CW
13:30     14:00     CW
14:00     14:20     CW
14:20     14:40     Break
14:40     15:40     CW
15:40     16:00     Break
16:00     17:30     CW
17:30     19:00     Dinner
19:00     21:00     Evening program / resotyping


09:00     09:30     Opening Ceremony and explanation of the procedure
09:30     10:15     Committee 1
10:15     10:45     Break
10:45     11:30     Committee 2
11:30     12:15     Committee 3
12:15     13:45     Lunch
13:45     14:30     Committee 4
14:30     15:15     Committee 5
15:15     16:00     Committee 6
16:00     16:30     Break
16:30     18:00     Closing Ceremony
18:00     18:30     Closing in committees / Teams wrap-up
18:30     19:00     Chairs wrap-up

To-do’s before the session

1. Make sure you download and install Zoom before the session:
2. Make sure you download and install Discord before the session:
3. If possible, please already make an account on Discord, as to ensure a smooth check-in on the first day of the session:

See you soon!


Welcome from the Head Organisers

Dear delegates of RSC Amsterdam 2020,
We want to welcome you to Amsterdam 2020: the first ever digital session of EYP The Netherlands. This session being our organisation’s first digital event ever and the first RSC of the season, makes all of you pioneers in EYP NL. For some of you this may be their first time participating in EYP at all. This can be scary, but you do not have to feel that way at all! Both of us started our EYP adventure 2 years ago as a delegate at our regional and now we could not imagine our lives without it. Participating in EYP is extremely fun and rewarding, teaches you useful skills and gives you the opportunity to make friends all over Europe.
Head Organising this session has been our dream for a year now and we could not be happier to share this experience with all of you! So if this is your first time participating or you’re already a seasoned EYP’er, it does not matter. We hope to see all of your faces again at future EYP events.

See you online!

Dana and Sophie

Welcome from the President

Dear participants,
It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you all to Amsterdam 2020. These are strange times, and although we find ourselves in a rather unexpected situation we have every reason to be excited. This should be an experience unlike any other you’ve had – it certainly will be for me! As the academic team, we will building on the skills we have gained from our non-EYP lives and combining them with the digital EYP format to give you, the delegates, a truly special weekend from the comfort of your desks!
This session has been quite a few months in the making and I can’t tell you how excited I am that it is all finally becoming real. Four years ago I was a delegate just like all of you, and everything was new and strange; I can promise you exactly the same for Amsterdam 2020. All we need from you is enthusiasm, curiosity and a big smile!!

See you soon!

Welcome from the Head of Jury

Dear Participants of Amsterdam 2020
Welcome to this new and exciting adventure! Together we will make the most out of the first digital session of EYP The Netherlands. I would like to thank you all for participating, you are all innovators willing to jump into the deep along with us, and for that, you have my thanks. I remember my first experience with EYP ages ago, back then it was very different but the feeling you have right now is something every one of us has experienced. You are about to embark on a journey that can bring you far and wide and we are here to help you through it. Being the Head of Jury is an honor and a privilege, and I’ll make sure to have some fun with the rest as well. The jury will be responsible for writing a selection report that determines who will be invited to the National Selection Conference. But regardless of who is selected, every one of you is an EYP’er, a part of our organization, and free to go to other sessions abroad or online. Having said that, I hope you will all make the most of the weekend, gain valuable experiences, learn a lot and most importantly have fun. I’ll see you soon and hopefully more often in the future!


Welcome from the Editors

Hello there,
we are very glad you made it to the session, whether as a delegate, an online visitor, as a parent or teacher, or as an official.
In this strange times it feels hard to organise a session, while everything in daily life is constantly changing, and we want hereby say that if you recognise yourself in such a situation it is – sadly enough – a more ‘normal’ thing. We send warm hugs to you. Although these difficult pandemic outlines, we are pleased we can still present and give new youngsters the opportunity to get in touch with EYP. We focus in our work on human rights, pluralism and sustainability in all its facets, to start with the cooperation within our team, and in general within the whole session. We aspire to make an open environment in order to be able to grow in terms of media abbilities and at personal level. Lastly, we’re very excited about trying new media as we won’t get to do it as we’re used to.

See you soon!
Oscar and Alec

Oskars Francis Barzdins (LV) Editor

Official Teams

Topic Overview


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Media Overview