National Conference

Every year, EYP the Netherlands organises one National Conference. Participants will dive into the EU and global issues four days long. The participants are given a relevant problem that plays in the EU, and come up with resolutions to tackle the problem. Just like in the actual European Parliament, they will debate these resolutions and vote on them.

Next to debating, a National Conference contains many fun activities, like a welcome party or concert night,  and has proven to cause many new friendships, some even for life. Next to this, you will meet people from all over Europe, and increase your cultural understanding. After a National Conference, we try our best to send as many participants to other conferences abroad. From Iceland, to Portugal, and from Slovenia to Cyprus. Read more about going abroad here.

Elements of the National Conference


During Teambuilding you will get to know the other participants, and especially your committee members. The first day of the conference is fully dedicated to teambuilding, in order for you to feel as comfortable with your committee as possible and to start off new friendships. The teambuilding consists of fun small games, but also by playing brain games or discussing dilemma’s.

Committee Work

During Committee Work, you work closely with your committee members in order to form a resolution for the EU issue you are faced with. Through brainstorming and discussions, you are able to share your ideas and opinios and to hear the perspectives of your committee members. Through the process, you are supported by an experienced volunteer of the EYP. The result of Committee Work will be a professional resolution, based on the stance of your committee.

General Assembly

During the General Assembly, you will present the resolution your committee formed, and discuss it with all the participants of the conference. All the committees will do this, so you get to share your views on other resolutions as well. In the General Assembly you can train your public speaking skills, and get involved in vibrant discussions. Eventually, all the participants will be able to vote on the proposed resolutions, and hopefully your resolution gets passed!

Extra activities

During the four days of the National Conference, there is plenty of time to meet new people and engage in fun activities. On the first evening, there will be a Eurovillage, where everyone represents a European country and makes it’s famous dishes. This is usually followed by an amazing Welcome party. The extra activities differ each year, from an open stage to debate nights with prominent individuals.