Jury Criteria

Our Regional Selection Conferences are open for all young people who are eager to participate in the European Youth Parliament. To attend a National or International Conference, you must be selected first. At our conferences we have a jury team present which will select participants based on 5 jury criteria. Read about these jury criteria in the following document. Please note that the European Youth Parliament wants to facilitate a fun and educative environment, and not a competitive one. Thus, you are still an alumnus of our organization if you have not been selected for a National or International conference, and are always welcome at our events!

After every event, all delegations will receive a jury report with an extensive evaluation of their school’s performance during a conference. On request, additional or specific evaluations per person can be sent for additional learning or development.

Something that is important to note when looking at the Jury Criteria is that all de criteria are weighed equally. That is to say that Academic Preparation weighs the same as Communication Skills or Teamwork in a final evaluation.