Motion for a Resolution by

The Committee on Environment, Public Health and Safety (ENVI)

The extent of liberty: As of October 2020, a near 4 million COVID-19 cases have been reported in the EU/EEA and the UK. Anticipating the introduction of a vaccine in 2021, how should the EU tackle the issue of anti-vaccination and enforcement of public health norms whilst respecting citizens’ freedom of choice?

Submitted by: Ninni Issakainen (FI, Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament,

  1. Concerned by the fact that European Union (EU) has lower confidence in vaccines than other regions of the world,
  2. Aware of the variation in vaccine confidence among Member States,
  3. Recognizing that vaccine hesitancy and misinformation are substantial obstacles to achieving high vaccine coverage and herd immunity,
  4. Pointing out that trust in information from government sources affects the likelihood of a person to accept a vaccine,
  5. Noting that mandatory vaccination schemes do not necessarily lead to higher rates of vaccine coverage,
  6. Stressing the role of online platforms in spreading disinformation and consolidating a negative public image about the COVID-19 vaccination,
  7. Observing the criticism on limitations the Code of Practice on Disinformation as a measure against the spread of misinformation online,
  8. Believing that the most common concern linked to the COVID-19 vaccine is its safety,
  9. Affirming European citizens Freedom of Expression as outlined in Article 10 of European Convention on Human Rights