International Conferences

International Sessions

There are multiple International Conferences per year. Every year, there are 3 International Sessions that serve as the flagship events of our organisation and are organised in collaboration with the German Schwarzkopf Stiftung in Berlin. There are between 250 to 350 participants present, coming from 40 different countries. The International Conferences last around 9 days, and are full of debating and cultural activities. You can attend an International Conference after being selected during a National Conference.

International Forums

Besides the 3 flaghsip International Conferences, there are more international conferences (often called International Forum) organised by different countries. For some of these, you can sign up yourself, instead of having to be selected.

These events are comparable to the International Sessions, but may be slightly smaller or deviate from the standard concept of a conference by the EYP.

To learn more about the opportunity to join these events, contact Erik Koeken, our International Coordinator, at [email protected]

International Events by EYP The Netherlands

The 2021 International Forum in Maastricht 

In April 2021, European Youth Parliament the Netherlands will host a 7 day long International Forum in Maastricht. The forum will gather 200 participants from all of Europe, and will be following the theme “The Digital Generation: Setting an Innovative Agenda”. Currenlty, the preparations for this International Forum are in full progress. To learn more about this International Forum, visit their website Follow their Facebook page to stay updated about their progress!

Rotterdam 2018, the 88th International Session of the European Youth Parliament

In 2018, EYP the Netherlands hosted one of the three annual flagship events. For 9 days long, more than 350 participants from all of Europe visited the city of Rotterdam, where they stayed in the Cube Houses. During the conference, European Commissioner for Transport and Mobiliy, Ms Violeta Bulc, visited us. The theme of the conference was “Discovering Global Europe”. More information about this conference can be found on

EU commissioner Violeta Bulc in dialogue with the participants of Rotterdam 2018

Joris Dietz – Secretary & International Coordinator
Responsible for contact with other EYP countries and point of contact for events and delegations abroad.

[email protected]