Motion for a Resolution by

The Committee on Environment and Food Safety [ENVI]

Turning tides: With more than 150 million tonnes of plastic still existing in the oceans today and an estimated 4.8 to 12.7 million tonnes entering the ocean annually, causing harm to marine life as well as human health, how can the EU and Member States simultaneously prevent further plastic waste polluting the ocean whilst ensuring the sustainable restoration of marine ecosystems?

Submitted by: Gabriele Rimkute (IE, Chairperson)

The European Youth Parliament,

  1. Noting with deep regret that a large quantity of marine litter comes from human behaviour,
  2. Further noting that 80% of this comes from land-based sources such as  littering of beaches,
  3. Taking into consideration that humans can ingest microplastics through eating seafood,
  4. Recognising that the Member States do not have an universal approach in managing plastic waste,
  5. Deeply concerned by the damage to marine animals as well as the environment caused by inefficient management of marine litter,
  6. Regretting the lack of environmentally friendly waste management technologies made available in the Member States,
  7. Taking note of directives such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive1;
  1. A directive that requires Member States to ensure properties and quantities of marine litter do not cause harm to the coastal and marine environment.