How to go abroad

EYP offers many opportunities to go abroad. There are events throughout Europe, in 40 different countries spread across the continent. Going abroad has proven to be a very rewarding experience for our participants, as it offers a unique opportunity to experience local cultures while exchanging personal visions and ideas. To facilitate this, EYP the Netherlands arranges for delegations to go abroad every year.

By participating in events of EYP the Netherlands, you could get selected to go abroad as an individual or as a school delegation. However, as EYP is not only about competition but also about personal growth, we want to offer the opportunity to go abroad to a wider audience. As such, if you have not been selected but still want to go abroad, please reach out to our International Coordinator Erik ([email protected]) . Some spots could still be available, and he might be able to give you one of those opportunities to go abroad!

On top of this, by becoming a volunteer of our organisation, you’ll get the chance to volunteer all across Europe. You are free to apply to any event abroad as a volunteer, which gives you the opportunity to shape your own journey across Europe!