Escape Room Delft 2021

Room 6 – Silverware Exhibition

Escape Room Delft 2021

Read the following text about Delft Silverware:

Silverware is one of the things that is displayed in the museum. During the 17th century, lots of silver was being traded in exchange for spices such as nutmeg.

Even pepper was being exchanged for silver, a common spice that can be found in every ordinary kitchen nowadays.

Currently spices are not worth that much, but silver is still being worshiped like royalty.

Unfortunately for them, the Netherlands did not possess endless amounts of silver.

Recapturing silver was something they did too, and some admirals were very good at it.

It eventually came to an end, the 17th century, and a lot of silverware, including cutlery, jewelry and vases are stored in the silverware room.

These expensive items are stored in this museum and available to the eye of many tourists.

You are now in the silverware room, and I recommend to take a peek, it’s now or never!

Use the text and map to navigate your way to the correct room with a phone!

Room 4 – Waalse Kerk

Escape Room Delft 2021

5 flags hang down on one wall, the opposite displays the following text:

Both sides equal, although the river makes you part.
We fought hard for you in all the corners of the land, the blood of your enemies fed the arid sand.
Now golden fields spread outwards from the banks and waterside,
Giving us hope for a future shining bright.

While looking at the walls, you hear the following beeping sound coming from above:

Use the following table to determine the next number code.

Flag 1Flag 2Flag 3Flag 4Flag 5