Alumni events

Events for Alumni

EYP the Netherlands organises a multitude of events for its Alumni throughout the year. Some of these focus on learning our alumni how to grow within EYP, and others are organised to have a fun time together with other Alumni.  These events are organised for Alumni of all ages and regions, so make sure to join us at one of our events! Sign up for our newsletter (see below) to stay up to date about the events we organise.

Events of EYP the Netherlands are organised by the Alumni Representatives, who are led by our Alumni Coordinator Elmar Post. For any questions regarding our Alumni Events, email [email protected]

The participants of one of our Alumni Weekends, wearing our famous EYP NL hoodie

Alumni weekend

Every year, EYP the Netherlands organises two Alumni weekends for both its newer Alumni and older Alumni. Next to fun competitions and playing games, Alumni can learn more about EYP by attending workshops on how to become a volunteer, and on the functioning of our organisation. The weekends are a great way for new alumni to get involved, and for older alumni to reunite with their friends again!

Other events

Besides our alumni weekends, we organise many other meetups throughout the year. For example, we annualy hold a christmas dinner, including an afterparty to have one last party with your EYP friends before the new year begins. In the summer, we visit the beach together, and with the current Covid-19 limitations, we play a lot of online games and have online parties.


Tim van Woezik – HR Coordinator
Responsible for Alumni contact, events, newsletter and HR.

[email protected] | +31 (0)6 39233395

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