Explanation of the EYP

The European Youth Parliament offers young people the opportunity to voice their opinions and learn new skills, in a fun and informal environment. During our conferences, participants will be faced with current issues that play in the EU and think of resolutions that will solve these issues. Our events are full of extra activities to learn new cultures and to get to know like-minded peers. You can even go abroad yourself!

Diving into EU issues

During our conferences, all the participants will become a member of a committee. These committees are the same committees as in place in the EU, and all discuss a different issue that plays in the EU. From issues concerning infrastructure to the violation of Human Rights, and from health issues to protecting our data. During the conference, you will gain understanding of all the institutions of the European Union and become an expert on the issue of the committee you are a member of. During committee work, you will discuss and brainstorm the topic with your committee members. Together, you come up with a resolution to tackle the problem.

During the General Assembly, all committees come together and propose their resolutions. You can give speeches to defend your resolution, and debate with the other committees. Eventually, just like actual Members of the European Parliament, you will vote on all the resolutions!

The European Youth Parliament organises informal events. This means that, whilst having serious discussions about EU issues, we also find it important you have fun and meet new people. During teambuilding, you will get to know the other participants by playing fun games. Every conference includes different activities for you to enjoy, for example by having an Open Stage night or by organising a Welcome Party. Many new friendships are formed during our conferences, and the European Youth Parliament organises events throughout the year where you can reunite with them!

Meeting like-minded people, making friends and having fun

Getting to know new cultures, and going abroad

The European Youth Parliament organises conferences in 40 different countries. All our conferences rely on volunteers who come from all of Europe. Thus, by attending one of our conferences, you will meet many people from different nationalities and cultures. During our conferences we organize activities for you to learn more about other cultures, like Eurovillage, where all participants cook delights of different European countries.

You also have many opportunities to go abroad. You can be a participant or a volunteer at a conference anywhere in Europe. What about Iceland or Cyprus? Or would you rather go to Austria? Read more about going abroad here!